Welcome to The Open Book

The Open Book was created in 2012 with the vision of creating a warm and safe environment, while empowering our children with knowledge and seve their imagination with tools to assist in daily life with strong values of independence, self confidence and leadership in society and community.

A unique designed Library with quality books in a fun and hands-on interactive place wo‎uld serve as the path to this mission.

The Open Book has over 1000 books and growing its collection from selected local and international authors, as well as donated by caring individuals.

It is with a core of belief that "reduce, reuse, recycle"‎ would be best taught to our children when going to library instead of purchasing books.

In this place children and parents find comfort from the staff and the content of events as our staff serve wholeheartedly when doing crafts and presenting story time to the members.

At The Open Book the love of books are a priority. We know the importance of providing books for "non readers" to "book‎worms".

Imagination can lead our children to power places, and this place hopes to be a place where positivity is implemented in these imaginations.

Come visit and become a member today!


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